Anonymous Visitors

Turn Unknown Visitors into Opportunities

Did you know that approximately 98% of your website’s visitors remain anonymous to your organization?

You’ll never know who they are, what they need, or if they are interested in your offerings. These visitors make decisions to purchase from you or your competitors without ever giving you an opportunity to get in touch.

When nearly all of your visitors are unknown it’s tough to determine where you are losing customers and where your biggest opportunities for revenue exist. Predictive Response’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking paints a picture of who your customers are and why they are interested in what you have to offer. With Anonymous Visitor Tracking you’ll know where to focus your marketing efforts, thus maximizing revenue and minimizing lost opportunities.

See your customer’s Journey

With Predictive Response’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking technology, when you capture a new lead or create a new customer, you’ll see their entire pre-engagement journey mapped out inside their Salesforce record. From their initial visit to the page that created the conversion, you will see their entire browsing history with details like date, time, frequency, and time spent on your webpages. You can review their path to engagement step-by-step.

Understand Your Clientele

The analytics provided by Anonymous Visitor Tracking unveils a comprehensive view of your customers’ location, company domain, OS and browser. View your prospects clicks and downloads, and the content they’ve consumed. Who your customers are and how they found you is no longer a mystery.

More Marketing Efficiency

When you uncover what’s driving customer awareness, interest, and engagement, you’ve given your Marketing Department the tools to maximize your company’s strengths, fill in the performance gaps and eliminate the activities and efforts that are wasting marketing dollars. Anonymous Visitor Tracking’s quantitative and qualitative results change estimates into insight, shortening the hours spent optimizing your marketing efforts, and expanding the time your staff has to focus on new projects.

More Successful Sales

First impressions may be the only impression you get to make in today’s marketplace. With Anonymous Visitor Tracking your Sales Representatives can approach the sales conversation with the type of intelligence and insight that improves your close ratios. They’ll be prepared to ask insightful questions based on the prospects browsing behavior, provide informed responses based on the prospects interests, and add value that truly separates you from your competitors.

Predictive Response’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking is the next level in consumer knowledge. It leads to smarter strategies and more productive personnel. Make your marketing dollars go further by focusing your efforts in the areas that will improve your ROI. Start more sales conversations that end with next steps and new business. Provide your sales team and marketing department with a new level of customer intelligence so they can provide your business with greater revenues and a higher return on your investment.