Every business creates content, but it’s what you do with that content that makes all the difference. If you spend all of your time on the hamster wheel of content creation, there is a better way. Instead of churning out fresh blog posts and videos constantly, you can optimize and leverage the content you already have. 

Here are three ways you can better leverage your content, so each piece can get more mileage:

Repurpose the content you already have

There are endless ways to repurpose a single piece of content. A long blog post can become an email series, several dozen social media posts, or even fodder for a video. A podcast episode can be transcribed and turned into an article. A masterclass can be broken down into a video series or a mini-course.

When you take time to repurpose the content you already have, rather than constantly creating new content, you maximize that content. You give it an opportunity to reach more people, and it keeps your message more consistent. So before you plan out your next blog post, go see what you already have in the archives.

Make the most of other people’s platforms

If your audience hasn’t gained you much traction lately, that’s okay. You can always leverage the platforms of other people. And one piece of content on someone else’s platform may net you far more visibility than a single post on your own, especially when you’re starting out. This means creating less content overall.

Choose outlets who have audiences you want to reach, and pitch them your content regularly. You should always be reaching out to new people to widen your reach.

Don’t be afraid to automate

While it’s always good to appear human, be present, and cultivate authentic relationships, it’s also impossible to reach every individual. This is particularly true as your business grows. Embracing automation will allow you to reach out to people consistently. Email automation, for example, allows you to onboard and nurture new leads without needing to write each person a new email.

There are many ways to leverage content in your business. If you’re ready to stop producing content just for its own sake, take time to repurpose what you already have, leverage other people’s platforms, and automate your content marketing.

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