Thousands of articles are trying to tell you how to generate leads. There are so many methods out there that it can be hard to focus and actually integrate them into your strategy.

That’s why today we’re presenting you with just three specific lead-generating strategies to apply on your website.

1. Create Strong, Memorable CTAs

A CTA, or call-to-action, should be a common occurrence on your website. You should aim to guide site visitors through the buyer journey, encouraging leads to become customers, repeat customers, and finally, fans.

Every service page, product description, blog post, and landing page needs clear CTA. You don’t want readers to stop after reading one blog post; they should go on to read more, sign up for an email list, or check out your offerings.

2. Optimize Your Web Forms

Just about every website has the old-style “contact us” page. Unfortunately, the number of leads these pages actually generate is surprisingly low.

Instead, you need to update your forms to match what customers want today. Place your web forms in a new location or multiple places on your website, so a visitor has multiple chances to opt-in. A well-timed pop up can present an opportunity to a visitor exactly when they need it.

Don’t forget to keep mobile users in mind too. Keep your web forms brief and to the point. A simple name and email are usually all the information you need.

3. Construct Dedicated Landing Pages

Whenever you offer a specific product or service, creating a dedicated landing page can make a big difference. It shows that your offering is valuable enough to merit a separate page. Customers see that you’ve taken the time to address their specific needs and concerns. And landing pages are useful for online ads or boosted social media posts.

When creating a landing page, design this page with the user in mind. It should be easy to read and guide the viewer through a logical sequence.

Pack in all the information the customer needs to know and redirect to other areas of your website such as a FAQ when relevant. If possible, set up links so they open in a new tab, increasing the chance that a potential lead will return to your landing page.

Designate time to concentrate on CTAs, optimized web forms, and landing pages to increase your website’s chances of generating leads. For more on how to generate leads and improve your business marketing, contact our team of professionals.