How do you prioritize lead scoring in your online marketing strategy? Or to ask differently, what do you do for lead generation in terms of allocating resources, time, and personnel? First, let’s see how your intuitive answers compare against your competitors. A recent Content Standard article contains the results of a survey that prompted business owners regarding their lead generation strategies. Here’s how they answered:

“As an overview of the difficulties facing B2B marketers, the survey found that 68 percent of respondents report lead quality as their primary concern, ahead of the second highest concern: improving lead volume (55 percent). The primary obstacle in the way of achieving these goals was a lack of resources (61 percent), whether that meant money, personnel, or just time to complete projects.”

So to sum up, marketers first prioritize lead quality and then lead volume. Moreover, they’re challenged by an overall lack of resources. We wanted to show you the results of this survey for two reasons. First, we wanted to highlight how other businesses are prioritizing lead generation and second, we wanted to emphasize quality over mass volume. You want users to find your business online. The problem is that every other businesses does too, and they’re taking steps to see it happen. You have to prioritize and invest in lead scoring just to keep up with your competitors. And when you do start to focus on lead scoring, then you should prioritize quality over quantity. As many other businesses have already found out, generating thousands of leads won’t do anything if your conversion rate is next to nothing. It’s better to see a slight reduction in your volume and a significant increase in your lead quality. Focusing on your quality leads sounds a lot easier than it actually is. To talk more about lead scoring, or anything else, contact us today.