With all the news and commotion that surrounds social media marketing, it can be easy to find yourself distracted by badges and emoticons ;) Fact is, you can achieve things with email marketing that just aren’t possible with social media.

The first thing that stands out is email marketing’s ROI. It’s well documented that email marketing has a better ROI in comparison to any other digital marketing platform.  Can you think of any reasons why email marketing is so effective? A lot of it has to do with the way consumers approach their inboxes as opposed to social media sites. Privacy is the real difference maker. According to a recent Practical Ecommerce article, sending marketing emails is the equivalent to meeting with clients in their homes:

“What’s more, your customer’s email inbox is personal space. It’s not the public Internet. It’s not a public Facebook stream. It’s private space. Think of it like meeting a potential customer in her living room, rather than at her office or at the mall. She’s invited your marketing message into her home, her inbox.”

A consumer’s personal space shouldn’t be underestimated. Some people couldn’t be bothered by social media marketing because they want to keep their purchases and favorite companies private. It’s the same reason people react negatively to logging into an app like Spotify with their Facebook info. They just don’t want others to know what they’re listening to. With marketing emails, there’s no pressure because consumers are in their own private space. As a result, your business has a great opportunity to communicate with subscribers one-on-one.  That’s not to say that there’s no use for social media marketing, though. It still serves a meaningful purpose in online marketing, but contrary to what some might tell you, it can’t solve all your marketing problems. To talk more about email marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.