Being part of a nonprofit organization requires searching for new and innovative ways to increase your donor list. It’s difficult and frustrating when cold calls aren’t effective in collecting donations, and when your marketing strategies feel outdated.

Having a kind, helpful, and committed disposition is crucial to connecting with your potential donors, but it isn’t always enough. Try out these marketing techniques to extend and build your donor base to collect leads and expand your work of making the world a better place. 

1. Warm Leads 

Instead of trying to reach strangers, try contacting people who already have some kind of connection with your organization.

These can be individuals subscribed to your email list, volunteers, staff members, your personal contacts or other individuals who have knowledge of your organization. Contacting warm leads work because of the liking principle. Since these individuals already have a connection to you and an understanding of what your organization is committed to, they’ll feel more inclined to become a donor. 

Include copy in your emails that invites your contact list to forward the email to people they know. You could even create a competition, with a winner being the one who collects the most referrals.

2. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is an effective way of encouraging people to donate to your organization. Offering contacts small items like sticker, pens, or magnets in exchange for a donation will exponentially increase the chances that they agree to make a donation to your organization. 

Try including these small items in your mail promotions, or when you’re conducting in-person marketing booths. Collect data on which of these items works best in collecting new donors, so you know what item would be most appropriate to share in future marketing campaigns. It’s also smart to share images of these gifts on your social media, to show potential donors that you care about their contributions, and further extend your reach. 

3. Social Influence

This is a powerful psychological tool you can use when attempting to collect donations, and you can use it in a variety of ways. If you’re collecting donations at a booth, a proven way of getting donations of larger denominations is having a clear container that shows what has already been received. Individuals walking by will be encouraged to donate by seeing what others have donated. 

When on the phone with potential donors, be sure to mention how many people have already donated from their area and the average amount received. Knowing this information will influence the potential donor. They likely perceive themselves as similar to their neighbors and will want to remain consistent with that belief by donating to your organization.

Include information about social influence in your marketing copy and social media posts to further influence and interest your audience.

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