Despite the increasing influence of social media marketing, email marketing remains the most important aspect of digital marketing. A personal email account is almost mandatory to have nowadays, and businesses can take advantage of this by sending tailored emails to targeted subscribers. The following statistics from this Social Mouths article will change the way some business owners look at email marketing:

  • 95% of online consumers use email accounts

  • 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day

  • There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts

The first thing one notices is how rampant email accounts are today. With an estimated 7 billion people living on the earth today, there are over 3.2 billion email accounts. This, of course, doesn’t mean that half of the world’s population has email accounts. Another relative statistic provided in the article is that US internet users have on average 3.1 email addresses. But that doesn’t make email marketing any less important. The vast majority of consumers not only have email accounts, but also check them at least once a day. This represents a wonderful chance for businesses to communicate with subscribers quickly. Businesses can send a different message with email marketing as opposed to social media. The main reason for this is market segmentation and finding a target audience. With social media, a business just has one account per platform. They can either post to their entire follower base, or not post at all. The end result is a post that is not specialized or tailored to anyone. With email marketing, however, businesses can send different emails to different subscribers. Based on metrics and other factors such as demographics, businesses can send emails that are relevant to each user. Now imagine combining this tactic with the sheer number of email addresses out there today. After companies build up their subscriber base, they can send effective emails out to hundreds, or even thousands of consumers. Launch email marketing for your organization, contact us.