Of course, you work hard to obtain email addresses. From ad campaigns that link to a landing page, all the way to the native work you are doing on your website. You want a reward for this work. That means you need to follow some guidelines to be successful in email marketing. We will discuss some little known tips for email marketing success: 1)    Connection Though it may seem like a mechanical process at first, email marketing can and should strive to build a relationship with your clients. We know that rapport is valuable in sales, but we need creative strategies of integrating a similar experience into email marketing.  Jump to 9:16 in the video below to see how one of our clients went from strategy to marketing automation. With the growth of social media, it is easy to forget about the value of email marketing. When someone gives you permission to send them emails, they are giving something very valuable. They are giving you a chance to communicate, market, and sell directly to them. Think about your company as a person trying to make a new friend. Watch how one of our clients has implemented drip and segmentation campaigns to get to know their prospects better. 2)    Segmentation Market segmentation brings the first two strategies together for implementation. In-bound marketing underlines the importance of getting specific and delivering on promises. Mass emailing the same message fails to account for the different value propositions for your clients.  Develop target markets, understand what they want, and simplify the process of reaching them. The narrower your scope of understanding, the deeper you can penetrate the market. 3)    Goals Email marketing seems to have a go-with-the-flow sort of strategy whereby analysis of the data comes after the findings, or simply supports preliminary variables. The number of opens and clicks should not be the end goal of your email marketing campaign. Setting goals that are not only quantifiable, but have qualitative value sets a long-term plan in motion. Understanding the process of goal setting to realization relies on understanding the client’s behaviour patterns. By implementing this foundation, you can dramatically increase your email marketing success and plant the seeds for continued future success by using these strategies. Please contact us for Email Marketing and Automation strategies that can propel your business and learn how easy it is to install our apps and launch your first campaign today.