The subject line is the first thing a subscriber reads when you send out an email. Therefore, it’s also one of the most important elements of an email. Most people won’t click on a boring subject line. How do you write a good subject line that subscribers want to click? Continue reading for tips on writing good subject headlines in your email marketing:

1. Write Short Subject Lines Long subject lines will get cut off in the inboxes of your subscribers, and most people don’t want to click or hover to see the rest of the subject. If you don’t succeed in capturing their interest with what they can easily see, they won’t read the email. 2. Use Fresh Subject Lines Some business owners make the mistake of reusing subject lines. Subscribers will either think that they already read the email or become bored with your email content. You don’t want subscribers to stop clicking your emails, so you should write a new, fresh subject line for each email. 3. Address Subscribers by Their First Names Another helpful tactic for improving your email marketing is to address subscribers by their first names in the emails you send them. Add our standard First Name merge field to your subject. 4. Stick an Emoji in Your Subject Line When Applicable Sometimes adding an emoticon to the subject line improves open rates. An emoji causes your email to stand out and sets the tone for the email. Emoticons are also fun and improve personalization. What you don’t want to do is overuse emojis. Only use them when it makes sense or you may annoy subscribers. If you have a Predictive Pro account, double check how the emoji will look in over 30 email readers by running an Insight Test.

Conclusion Addressing subscribers by their first names and using emojis in the subject line are great ways to improve your email marketing, but are tips that shouldn’t be overused — if every email you send has a first name and emoji, your readers will start to tune those out. When it comes to using fresh subject lines and writing short subject lines, however, you should get into the habit of implementing them. Subscribers will never become exhausted of interesting subject lines that aren’t cut off in their inboxes. Contact us for assistance with creating an email marketing campaign and improving your open rates.