The increase in online consumers is prompting marketers of businesses that offer services to focus on the online ecosystem in a bid to generate leads. Deploying effective strategies will help service brand marketers to overcome the obstacles they may face as well as attract prospects, turn them into leads and eventually convert them into customers.

Here are some of the tips that service business marketers can use to generate quality leads online and convert the highest percentage of these leads into customers:

Reduce Website Clutter 

Today, most consumers have no time to go through much content in search of what they want. Therefore, you need to consider using short and straightforward text that delivers a hard-hitting message to trigger an action. The faster you can solve the pain-points of visitors to your site with your CTA (call to action) the quicker you are capable of converting them.

In that case, keeping detailed information away from your CTA to eliminate unnecessary delays for those who want quick solutions to their problem and adding such information below the fold is a better option. Doing so will take care of the interests of those who need more content before they convert as well as those who need fast solutions.

Remove Navigation from Offer Pages 

Service brand marketers that spend money to send traffic to a landing page should focus on maximizing conversions. The reason is that most prospects jump to another page soon after landing on the offer page when navigation menus and sidebar options appear on their screen. Ensuring that your landing pages direct visitors to one offer on each page leaving them a choice to either convert or leave will make your efforts rewarding.

Therefore, removing sidebar options and navigation menus is the wise thing to do to achieve intended results.

Leverage FOMO 

One of the best ways to attract more leads by creating a sense of scarcity and causing emotional-triggers among online consumers is using FOMO (fear of missing out). Though seasoned marketers may view the approach as a gimmick, average consumers convert because of FOMO. Setting time limits or availing a limited number of free eBook downloads are some of the ways you can encourage online consumers to take action.

Most online shoppers do not want to become victims of offer capping when the set duration elapses and for that reason FOMO can encourage them to take prompt action. If you need more information on online lead generation tips for service brand marketers, contact us today.