What’s the one app on every desktop, tablet, smartphone and unix console? Email.

The numbers are in, and email marketing is still the best component of digital marketing. For years now, email marketing has had a better ROI than social media and marketers are now confirming that this still holds true. A study by Forrester Research and Monetate calls email the “workhorse of marketing” and includes several relevant statistics regarding email marketing. Here are a few interesting ones:

  • 58 percent report that email is effective at driving sales.
  • 73 percent report that email is effective at generating leads.
  • 66 percent report that email is effective at building loyalty.
  • 40 percent report that failing to innovate with email will result in loss of customers.

Now, in terms of digital marketing, you won’t find other factors more important than those first three: sales, leads and loyalty. Businesses use digital marketing for all kinds of different reasons, but in the end, they’re usually looking to achieve one of the goals mentioned above. And the statistics don’t just say that email marketing is effective in achieving them. They say that email marketing is even more effective than other components of digital marketing. In other words, email marketing isn’t just good – it’s the best.  The last statistic differs from the other three but is just as important. It says that when marketers fail to innovate, their email marketing campaigns suffer. This has a few implications for businesses. The first is that you should constantly update your email marketing campaign. It’s not just something that you can plan and then revisit once every three years. This isn’t just about content, either. You should be following the latest in responsive HTML design standards and taking advantage of automation to manage your lists. If you want to talk more about this or anything else, contact us. Thanks.