In crafting any email templates, specifically newsletters and any company branded email content, it is important to make sure your entire email captures the attention of your reader. This includes the Footer. 

The footer is often overlooked, forgotten and can be uninteresting to the reader. However, if properly designed your footer content can include a Call-To-Action that encourages your recipients to act on your message.

The same energy and time spent on crafting engaging content and copy in the body of your email should also be given to the last portion of your email and it should remain consistent with your brand.

Think of your footer as the last impression your readers have of your content before they consider unsubscribing or sending your emails to the trash.  The footer of the email should include elements like:

  • Contact information

  • Branding/Logo

  • Legal Elements (Privacy Policy Link)

This article will highlight a few best practices and tips on how to create a show stopping footer  for your next Email campaign and how you can use the Bee Editor.

What is an Email Footer?

The footer of your email is located at the bottom of every email that is sent. It is generally located after the body of your email. That also includes your email signature. Your email footer should include: Company Location, an Unsubscribe option, Contact Information, social links, and legal jargon.

Here’s an example of an email footer from the retail brand

This footer includes the following: Social links, links to their most popular brands, a “Check-Out” option, Privacy policy, an “Unsubscribe Option” and legal jargon.

By now if you are working on improving your
Email Marketing templates, planning a standardized email footer should be on your priority list. When you create your email templates using the Bee-Editor in Predictive Marketing you can save your templates with your preferred footer design to save valuable time.  That way you no longer have to consider where and what to include in each email message. 

What should always be Included In your Email Footer?

To ensure your business is complying with legal requirements and that you are protecting consumer rights.You want to stay on the good side of the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR . In doing so you should always include:

  • Your Company’s physical Address ( or a mailing address, or contact details where you can be reached)

  • An unsubscribe or email preferences link

  • A link to your privacy policy and disclosure page

The footer is the best place to put this information. Be sure to include a copyright notice to ensure your emails have copyright protection.

What are other important elements to include in your Email Footer?

Legal elements are non-negotiable items to include in the footer element of your emails. They are the components that let the readers know the brand is real and they also help your emails avoid being caught in Spam filtering. However, they should not be the only things that you include. 

You want your readers to stay engaged with your brand and complete a desired action. There are a few important elements that should also be included in the footer of your email. Other resources may say these things are optional, but here at Predictive, we want to encourage you to always include these elements.

Link To Your Website

When your reader has made it to the end of your email, they should have a place to go. These links should direct them to places like your website. By including a link to your website, you can increase the impressions and SEO of your website.


Social Media Buttons

In 2022, it is important for your brand to have a presence on Social Media. That is where you will be able to listen, respond, update and interact with your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most common social media platforms today.

In the footer of your email, you should always include links to the platforms that you use for your brand.  If you use the Bee Editor in
Predictive Marketing you can customize the appearance of these social media icons to align with your brand design.


Having a clear call to action outside the body element of your email will give your readers something to do. You can tell them to “Follow Us” on the Social Media platforms your brand frequently uses. You can also include a “Referral” or “Forward-To-A-Friend” suggestion for your reader. These options will allow them to share the email and help build your audience.

Subscription Reminder

To avoid having your emails forwarded to spam, or moved to the trash, it’s a good practice to include a reminder of how your readers subscribed to your content. Also provide them a way to unsubscribe at their own request. This will help the reader feel empowered and encouraged to continue receiving your emails. No one likes to feel imprisoned in their inbox.

View-In-Browser Option

It is important to remember that not everyone uses the same email system or even the same web browser. Even if your email looks beautiful to you when you send a test email to yourself, you want to make sure readers have the opportunity to have the same experience.

By including a “View-In-Browser” option, the reader can view the email in an HTML style webpage that is bigger. This element is important to have especially if your emails include a lot of images or even video elements.


Safelist Request

Another important element to consider for your footer, is to include an option that asks readers to include your sender email address in their address book. When you are saved in their address book, your emails have a higher chance of being opened and you will stay out of the Spam/Junk Folders. It also builds loyalty for your brand because your readers have proactively named you as one of their known contacts.

Company Brand/Logo

Using email marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy will create more meaningful communication with your customers and subscribers. You want to remain memorable to your readers every time they read our emails. It is important to include your brand logo in the footer. This will make your emails  easily recognizable.


Email Footers Are Essential, Don’t Forget Them

When you reach the end of the primary content for your email, your work is not complete. Give your readers a bit more information about your brand. Let them know where they can find you, how to contact you, how to stay engaged with you, and how to learn more about you.

Your email footer is the perfect place to make sure you can answer those questions. Take time to craft a footer that will represent your brand consistently with every message you send. With the information shared in this article about what to include in the footer of your email, you will be able to create high-converting emails that your readers will enjoy finding in their inboxes.

For more information on how you can improve your email marketing campaigns and improve your email deliverability in Salesforce, book a demo now with Predictive here.