The task of designing your next email campaign can be a fun and challenging. You will want your custom email design to stand out. You should also encourage your readers to take action and remember your brand. Keep in mind, your email design should be standard and reflect your brand’s image. This does not mean that it should be boring and look like every other email you receive.


Personalize your email content and your message. Make sure your templates are all tailored to the desired recipients. 


It’s never a bad idea to see how other brands are constructing their emails to get some ideas. You should observe how they use their brand’s colors and font choice. You should also pay attention to the elements they include in their Footer and the body of their emails. 


I want to share a few examples of custom email designs and the specific elements that we love about them and tips that can help you get started with your next email campaign.

DSW: Reward Your Readers with Personalized Information

DSW does a fantastic job of including information about their rewards program in every custom email design they send.

Check out my example below–I joined their program as a rewards member, and there are times I forget how many points I have or if I have earned something for being a frequent shopper. Near the footer of their email, they include a graphic image of their loyalty program and my personal points count.

If you are an e-commerce brand, you should consider including a personalized element like this to keep customers excited to be a part of your rewards program.


Foundr’s Approach: Creating a Sense Of Urgency With Their Custom Email Design

Give your readers a reason to read your email and complete a desired action. Including an  urgent message near the beginning of your email, like Foundr did in the example below. Their custom email design contains specific colors and fonts that are unique to their brand.

One way to create urgency is by including an image or infographic that provides engaging information about why the readers should act on the message.


Consider using bright colors and possibly a dark background in the infographic to make the words stand out. Also be sure to include an internal link in your text that will direct your readers to another page associated with your brand.


Good Reads: Informative Footers to Drive Engagement In Their Email Designs

Your email footers should give your readers a way to contact you and also learn more information about you. Good Reads includes Call-To-Action options including following their brand on various social media channels , download their mobile app, a link to their help page, a reminder of the email address the message was sent to, where the email to, and their physical company address. 


Give plenty of information in your footer, however, select links that are beneficial to your reader.

Instacart: Maintain Consistent Branding in Every Message

Instacart uses their brand logo at the top of every email, just like most big e-commerce brands. Their readers quickly acknowledge who they are and recognize them when they open the email.

Use this example below as idea for the placement of your logo. It should remain consistent across ever email marketing campaign you send.

The Best Tool For Creating Custom Email Designs

Predictive Marketing is one of the best resources for creating custom template designs that includes the elements discussed in the examples above. You can use this app right in Salesforce and send your email content directly to your segmented contacts. Predictive Marketing now also has an updated email editor called the Bee-Editor that takes your email design to another level with the ability to save templates that you work on. 

For more information on how you can improve your email marketing campaign design and improve your email deliverability in Salesforce, book a demo now with Predictive here.