When it comes to email marketing, the hard part isn’t getting those emails to your subscribers. With a well-created autoresponder series, all you need is traffic to your email opt-in landing page. The hard part is analyzing your email stats and using them to improve your strategies and email campaigns. Here are the stats you should be looking at the most.

Open Rates

Are people opening your emails? If your emails have a very low open rate, then you might want to start writing more engaging and interest-catching subject lines. Including first-name personalization in your subject lines is another great way to boost open rates.

Click-Through Rates

Your click-through rates, or CTR, is another important metric. If you find that your CTR is low, then maybe your links aren’t appealing enough. Perhaps you should reword them to convey the benefits your subscribers will get when clicking on them. Perhaps you’re including the wrong links. Spend some time thinking about your audience and what they are interested in.

Delivery Rates

How many of your emails are being delivered and how many bounce? If a significant number of your emails are bouncing, then they may be getting marked as spam. To combat this, always use double opt-in with confirmation, keep a steady broadcasting schedule, and always include interesting and informative content without being too promotional.

Unsubscribe Rates

You’ll always have people unsubscribing from your list. When they unsubscribe, take them to a quiz page with a few questions so you can find out why people unsubscribe. Use that data to improve your email campaigns.

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