Email marketing is the most effective online marketing practice to-date. In this blog, we’ll explain how it hits all three generations that you might market to. 


Email is for old people, right? Wrong. Most Millennials have multiple email accounts for personal use, school, and work. 

In fact, a recent report asserts that Millennials are most likely to engage in email marketing. According to the study, the majority of them consider email their preferred marketing channel.

If you’re looking for digital insurance for your email marketing campaign, here it is. If Millennials prefer it to other channels, then it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Generation X

Generation X is primed for email marketing. By sending newsletters and the occasional coupon, you can keep them engaged in your campaign. 

Like Millennials, Gen Xers usually have multiple email accounts. They check them multiple times a day on their smartphones and computers. They’re also more likely to forward your messages to friends and family.

Baby Boomers 

Most Baby Boomers have email accounts by now and are comfortable with the platform. They might not have several accounts, but they check their personal account throughout the week. 

When it comes to Baby Boomers, you should focus more on content quality and less on add-ons like social media buttons. When they open your email, they just want to read your message and move on without clicking any further links. 

As of now, there are no generations that are immune to email marketing. To talk more about email marketing trends, or anything else, contact us today.