Inbound marketing is becoming a popular method to attract prospects and convert them into long-term customers. Rather than relying on the “push” of cold-calling or unsolicited emails, inbound marketing is based on the concept of shared interests, strong content and a “pull“ to the product. Here are a few basic resources that inbound marketing practitioners should use, regardless of which expert or consulting firm they are working with.

1. Google Analytics

The behemoth in the online marketing industry is Google. They have developed a helpful free tool for analyzing your site’s web traffic and the response of your audience to certain key words. It also helps you segment your visitors and determine where they are viewing your site from. It even tells you which pages on your site the visitors are viewing most.

2. Social Media Content Calendar

Calibrate has created a content calendar for marketers to plan and deploy their inbound marketing content strategies. It provides a structured method to rollout social media, content and other marketing campaigns with an easy to use tool. The solution also provides helpful tricks to bring in more prospects and convert them to real customers.

3. HootSuite

This tool is gaining popularity as a way to manage all of your social media feeds in one place. That includes basic content as well as advertising campaigns. Marketers can manage their distribution and coordinate a multi-platform campaign with a single solution.

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