Knowing your audience is key to any marketing strategy. When you know them, you can ensure everything you do resonates with them.

You will know the message to give them, how to treat them, strategies to use and how to foster long-term relationships. That, as a result, increases conversions and improves loyalty.

But how do you get to know them better? In this piece, you will learn about the various ways you can gather more information on your audience.

1. Add an extra question during opt-in

Opt-in marketing does pay off when implemented in the right way. If your opt-in strategies are working well, (you are getting more sign-ups), you can leverage them to know your audience better by adding a question during the opt-in.

You can include any question that will help you understand your audience better. A good question is concise and to the point.

2. Once subscribed, email them with an option to adjust their preferences

Not all prospects will answer your question. Some may choose to ignore it and it is ok. Don't get frustrated they skipped, be happy you managed to lure them to sign up.

Now that they are part of your emailing list, consider emailing them with an option to adjust their preferences. You need to be creative here while paying attention not to go overboard.

Remember you don't want them to feel bothered. Whatever approach you take, ensure they feel you are doing so to better their experience.

3. Ask about their preferences during the donation or purchase process

You have managed to peak their interest and they are filling out your donation or purchasing form. 

One easier way to know their preferences better is by asking that during the donation or purchasing process. You can do this by including questions at the end of purchase or donation or email the questions later.

4. Leverage events forms

Most people fill out information voluntarily during events. How many times have you done so? Of course, many times!

That said, if you find yourself in situations where you are using event registration forms, for example when hosting an online event, consider adding a few questions that will help you better understand your audience.

Many of our customers have seen success adding additional questions on the event registration form. Do you want to opt-in to our newsletter? What kind of events are you interested in? Are you willing to take a short survey after the event?

Stick to a few straight-to-the-point and unbiased questions to collect reliable answers.

5. Polls during the events

If you feel event registration forms won't get you enough information or you're not comfortable using them, then consider creating a poll. Just like people fill out event forms without any form of coercion, they will when you create a poll.

And remember to create a meaningful poll to boost participation.

6. Fill out the user's preferences based on what they click on in your emails

Your audience has preferences and that will determine whether they will click the content you send or not. Observing which content is clicked and by who can help in understanding what they are interested in.

This will not only help in grouping them based on content preference but also allow you to tailor your content with a specific audience in mind.

7. Web pages visited

Do you take time to find out which web pages are visited often and by whom? What about finding out the duration people spend on each web page?

That data can help you understand what content your audience wants, how long they engage with it, their behavior, how you can improve it, etc.

In other words, finding out which web pages your audience visit often can help you understand what they are interested in.

Key Takeaway

  • It is vital and possible to gather more information other than first names, last names, and emails from your audience. The above ways will ensure you collect detailed information.

  • Try them one at a time and be sure to share your experience.

Understanding your audience better is key to your success and the more information you gather the better. Predictive Marketing is a tool that supports your effort to understand your audience better by boosting your outreach capabilities.

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