Integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce so that you can access your data where you need it the most. Having all your data in Salesforce will give you a simpler and more effective way to analyze and use your event data. So now you can start improving the number of repeat attendees. Growing the number of new attendees may be your next objective. Here are 5 different ways to get started:

  1.   Manual Import
  2.   Connector Tools (Zapier or Workato)
  3.   Pardot’s Eventbrite Connector
  4.   Salesforce Eventbrite Sync
  5.   Predictive Eventbrite Fusion

1. Manual Imports

– Works really well for small or infrequent events 

Do you have small and infrequent events? If so, a simple export/import process may work for you.

After the event. First export your attendee data from Eventbrite. Secondly, import into Salesforce. Using Data Loader may be your best option.

Pro:  It’s free, simple and easy.

Con: Duplicate checking may be required. Merge management may be required..   

2. Connector Tools (Zapier or Workato)

– You will have to manage yet another tool

With Zapier or Workato you can configure workflows or zaps such as adding attendees to Campaign and much more. 

Pro:  Zapier offers several Eventbrite Zaps you fairly easy configure for Salesforce.

Con: Zapier starts at $20/user per month. A fee is added per number of tasks.  You may experience challenges in managing Account,Contacts and Buyer Attendee Relations. Some Configuration required. Zaps may disconnect. If they do, some manual cleanup is required.  

3. Pardot’s Eventbrite Salesforce Connector

– The good news: They integrate   The bad news: Only sort of

Do you already use Pardot? Then the Pardot Eventbrite Connector is an option. The Connector will sync Eventbrite events into a prospect’s activity history, once configured. 

The limitations of the Pardot Eventbrite Connector are discussed in Andrea Tarrell’s post here.

Pro: It integrates Eventbrite into Salesforce and Pardot.

Con: Members are not automatically added to Campaigns. This makes it hard to use for segmented email automation.  

4. Salesforce Eventbrite Sync

– Developed by Eventbrite (Discontinued)

The Eventbrite Sync app imports data from Eventbrite to Salesforce. It also allows you to integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce in multiple ways. You can run a sync manually at any time. You can also set up a scheduled sync that will run automatically once a day.

Pro: It’s Free and provided by Eventbrite

Con: Looks like App is discontinued at this time.  The Data structure provided in Salesforce can be hard to manage.   

5. Predictive Eventbrite Fusion

– No Setup, works in real-time with native Salesforce Objects

No setup required to integrate Eventbrite and Salesforce.  Attendees, Contacts, Campaigns are automatically created/updated in Salesforce in real-time. Your event registrants are seamlessly connected to your native Salesforce Objects.  Works well for segmentation in any email system that’s natively connected to Salesforce. 

Pro: No setup required. Duplicate management included. Real-time, analytic dashboard in Lightning. Can manage orders and tickets. NPSP compatible.

Con: If you have a lot of attendee sign-ups every day, make sure your API quota is supports the transaction volume.