When you move your data from Eventbrite into Salesforce you get access to a simpler and more efficient way to analyze your event data in your CRM. 

Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Get a 360° View on Event Performance
  2. Improve the Number of Repeat Attendees
  3. Increase the Number of New Attendees
  4. Know the Person Behind the Ticket
  5. Send Smarter Emails

1. Get a 360° View on Event Performance

  1. Compare the performance of a series of events
  2. See how many tickets were sold for each event
  3. See how many people attended multiple events
  4. View and report on your ticket sales as opportunities
  5. View Dashboards for a top-level event performance view
  6. Segment customers for targeted personalized campaigns

2. Increase the Number of Repeat Attendees

Repeat Attendees are the backbone of your event program growth

  • Target with personalized emails for promoting new events of similar type & location.
  • Encourage them to share events they sign up to on Social Media

3. Improve Numbers on New Attendees

Continuously attracting new attendees is critical to the future of your event program.

  • Target contacts in your database matching the segmentation criteria with personalized emails for promoting new events.
  • Promote events via your social media channels
  • Create Facebook Campaigns using your Repeat Attendees profiles to target ‘Lookalike Audiences’

4. Know the Person behind the Ticket

Knowing your attendees makes you more successful.

Knowing the person behind the ticket helps you create better events that attract more attendees.

What metrics are most important depends on the event type.

Here are 5 indicators on which you can segment potential attendees:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behavior
  • Job Title
  • Location

5. Send Smarter Emails

Smarter emails creates higher attendee signup

Having better data on your attendees helps you send smarter emails before and after the event

  • Target new potential attendees more precisely
  • Target repeat attendees better
  • Personalize and engage repeat attendees more
  • Send a feedback request after every event
  • Keep attendees engaged between events


Would you like to learn how you can integrate Eventbrite into Salesforce? 

Check out Eventbrite Fusion by Predictive Response. It seamlessly integrates Eventbrite into Salesforce. More info here: https://www.predictiveresponse.com/eventbrite-for-salesforce/