Email marketing may seem easy, but to experience success with your marketing campaigns, it’s important to know what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing. We’ve put together a few of the best practices for email marketing campaigns to aid in your success.

1. Don’t send a bunch of emails just because you can. While the cost of sending an email is relatively low, it’s important to monitor how frequently you are emailing your audience. Sure, if you send an email every day, you’ll likely be noticed – but not in a good way. While 86% of recipients like to receive promotional emails once a month, only 15% said they like to receive them daily. And if you’re sending too many emails, recipients don’t have a problem unsubscribing, with as many as 78% of recipients unsubscribing due to receiving too many emails. 

2. Make sure you’re following opt-out compliance. Legally, you have to provide an opt-out option for email recipients. Best practices when it comes to compliance include not hiding the unsubscribe link, not forcing recipients to log in to unsubscribe, offering “opt-down” options such as fewer emails or only receiving specific emails, and gathering information on why your recipient is unsubscribing to better inform future email practices.

3. Ensure that you have ways to track success. Most marketers understand the importance of tracking certain thresholds to measure success of their email marketing campaigns, with only 15% not regularly reviewing open and click-through rates. Beyond the click, however, only 23% of marketers have their website track where the email recipient goes and does. The better you can understand how your recipients are responding, the better you can determine what works and what doesn’t and increase conversion.

4. Personalize your emails. One of the largest (and most successful) practices in email marketing is segmentation of lists so that specific messages can be sent. With 83% of companies using basic email segmentation and segmented/targeted emails accounting for 58% of revenue, it’s clear that personalized emails outperform non-personalized emails.

Understanding how to ensure your emails get to recipients, personalizing emails, and tracking your success (all while maintaining compliance) is essential to any email marketing campaign. For more insight on how to craft a successful email marketing campaign, contact us.