Urgency is a great tactic for landing holiday sales. If customers have time to shop around, they might purchase from one of your competitors. They might forget about the product altogether. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to make your deals seem urgent. The wrong way frustrates your customers and makes them decide it’s not worth the hassle. Here are three tactics for doing it the right way:

1. Make the deadline simple and clear.

One of your customers read your email. They glanced through the deadline details on your holiday sales, your free shipping offers, and your coupons. After a few days, they decide to make the purchase. So they type in the codes, go through your shopping cart, and find out they’re not getting the good deal they thought they were. If that happens, you’re probably going to lose the customer for good.

It doesn’t matter if your email had the information they needed. If there are a lot of ‘if’, ‘and/or’s, and stipulations, people are going to get it wrong. Either make it as simple as possible or say there’s a deadline but let people use the codes long after the end date.

2. Add a clock with fun designs.

Animated clocks are a friendly way to push urgency. They are a moving reminder that it’s a limited-time offer, and you get that attention without constantly sending them emails. And if you make the clock with fun holiday designs, it’s even more approachable without losing urgency.

3. Have a reason for a one-day sale.

The only reason to have a one-day sale is to increase impulse buys and to get more immediate sales. But your customers won’t be impressed if you tell them that. So dress up your one-day sale emails with a reason. This can be anything from ‘first day of winter’ to Christmas for your general audiences.

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