Webinars are a premium lead generation tool, but they take a lot of time and effort to make as well. Follow these three tips to get the most out of your investment in a webinar:

1. Make an evergreen webinar to attract new leads.

Webinars have to offer quality information, but that information doesn’t have to be new every time you provide it. Leads that are just starting their buyers’ journeys almost always need the same introduction. 

Instead of creating a new webinar for every season, make the templates easy to tweak and update some of the content whenever you find new information in the course of your usual content creation.

You can still keep an high interest by changing the formatting and dates, adding the offer to your introductory subscription email, and giving it a featured link on your website’s homepage.

2. Collect answers from the audience.

A webinar is always a great tool to collect new leads, but you need to learn about your leads too. Ask a few questions over the course of the webinar that may help you segment the new leads. Not only do questions provide information to help you score the lead, but it also lets you know about how many attendees are really paying attention.

Even better, you can ask questions that influence your entire content marketing strategy. If your audience says that they’re struggling to find resources, that they want detailed guides or even a consultant, or that their biggest problem is organization, you have a go-to list of content you need to create.

3. Offer freebies and newsletters to strengthen the connection.

People who are willing to spend an hour at your webinar are relatively invested. But they might not be ready to make a purchase yet. Don’t let that strong engagement fade away. Instead, use webinar sign-ups to fuel specific email lists so you can offer email courses, templates, and more. If you offer free, high-quality resources that work well with your primary tool or service, that’s even better.

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