In the current environment, online events have become the norm, and even with people getting back into real venues, conducting webinars on Zoom remains an effective strategy for reaching a bigger audience. Not all webinars are free, however, so presenters need a payment platform with a Zoom integration. Eventbrite offers a solution, providing a Zoom integration for paid events.

Presenters and attendees alike can easily interact with the two platforms, creating a seamless way to host and attend paid Zoom webinars. Read on for more information and the most powerful way to take advantage of this combination.

Connecting Eventbrite and Zoom

Linking your Eventbrite event with Zoom is easy with Eventbrite’s Zoom app. Simply go through a few setup steps in the Eventbrite integration. Zoom will reflect any changes you make.

You can edit your Zoom settings in Eventbrite, too. Set a title, description and date, determine when attendees can join, and choose whether to restrict access to certain ticket types or add-ons. You can also hide your Zoom event and notify attendees via email when it becomes visible.

When you’re ready to start the event, you begin from your Zoom account or your Eventbrite account by clicking “start meeting”. Attendees will join from the online event page in Eventbrite.

Eventbrite allows you to set your own prices for events like webinars. Service fees depend on your prices, and there are no service fees for free events. You can set your own refund policy and add payment processing alternatives such as PayPal.

Upping Your Game with Salesforce and Predictive Response

Running one successful event is all well and good, but to really succeed means staying connected with customers, both before and after your event. The best way to do this is to let your CRM do the heavy lifting, using a smart Salesforce integration. Zoom and Eventbrite both integrate with Salesforce via Predictive Response, meaning you can centralize the whole process – from events setup to payments – in your Salesforce account. You’ll be able to track attendees, send follow up information or questions, and invite customers to future events, meaning you won’t lose out on the power of ongoing connection.

For a truly integrated, seamless way to reach existing connections while gaining more traction, upping your game with Salesforce and Predictive Response is the most professional way to run paid Zoom webinars.

If you’re ready to step it up and make the most of your Zoom webinars, book a demo of Predictive Response today.