No Surprises

Total Cost of Ownership

When you buy Predictive, there are no surprise extra fees when you start the implementation or need help getting the first campaign out the door.

Organization-Wide User Licensing

It doesn’t matter whether you need licensing for 5 users or 5,000 – Predictive has you covered with it’s total cost control. We do NOT charge any per user fees – effortlessly scale based on the number of contacts you have with the ability to scale up when needed.

10,000 Contacts

How many Leads and Contacts do you send email to? Those are the only contacts that count. You’ll never pay for members of your database who are opted-out or unable to receive your messages. 10,000 contacts are included, and you’ll have the flexibility to scale on demand.

Unlimited Emails

On any given day, month, or year you can send as many emails as you wish. No limits there on your marketing efforts. Send as many emails as you want.

Installation & Training

You don’t have to worry about getting everything properly set up and running, or worry about training your users to get the most out of your deployment. With our onboarding package you have installation and training included, Predictive will take care of everything. If you need any more support, we have a variety of packages to take care of that very thing.