We’ve had a marketing strategy for well over a year that we’ve had trouble executing on, because we haven’t had CampaignFlow. Now that we have Predictive Response, we can fully execute on that marketing plan, which is critical to the organization’s future…. CampaignFlow has allowed us to set up automated email campaigns that we only have to think about once a year. While some cheaper tools can do this, our experience is that it just doesn’t happen. Targeting the email properly requires constant intervention from staff, and when people get busy, it falls off the radar. By automating it, we’re ensuring that all the emails go out, to the right people, at the right time.

Also, PR support is terrific. Their staff is knowledgeable and responsive.

Anna Crotty – Chief Information Officer, Mission Edge San Diego
When we made the move to Salesforce, it was imperative that the email marketing solution we choose had to be completely integrated and easy to use. The Adaptive Mailer delivered on those requirements.
Randy Saba – BOMI International
I switched from Constant Contact to Predictive Response and could not be happier. PM has given me insight into my marketing campaigns that was previously unavailable. Without a doubt, PM has already paid for itself due to increased revenue and prospecting capabilities.
John Davis
After trying a number of e-mail marketing services (some within Salesforce and some not) we found Predictive Response to be the most tightly integrated with Salesforce and the most powerful in terms of analytics. Using the service on behalf of a government client, we were able to get smarter about what messages were resonating with which segments of our audience.
Benjamin Miller
Predictive Response has the marketing automation process down cold. Tight integration with Salesforce.com makes it an easy choice to work with them. Support is stellar! They’re always there and responsive. A+. The User Guide needs help and I know they’re working on it. The interface is friendly as are the people. I’m getting a real, measurable ROI on Predictive Response that I’m more than satisfied with. I recommend Predictive Response. Perfect for the SMB – B2B market.
Andrew Bournos
Predictive Response revolutionized our organization. Where once we had to manually sync mailing lists with our CRM, now campaigns are managed all in one place, with Predictive drawing off of updates we make in Salesforce. Easy integration is the main reason we’d give Predictive Response highest marks. The second major reason we’ve been pleased with our investment in Predictive is the advance scheduling feature. We can set up mailings to go at any time – even when staff aren’t in the office. We love the control Predictive gives us for our schedule so that our mass mailings, our core organizational products, can go out in a reliable, consistent way even if our personal schedules are in flux. I would recommend Predictive Response to all Salesforce users looking for a mass mailing tool that is easy to use, quick to maintain, and solidly in sync with your CRM.
Kim Weichel – Peace X Peace
I have been using Predictive Response for nearly two years with great success. The response of the support personnel is exceptional. Any minor issue or question I have had has always been resolved in a timely manner. When I first started using Predictive Response – I called on the reps repeatedly for guidance and a little “hand holding” as I prepared my first few campaigns – they were always willing to help! At one point during the past year I had an issue with some of the language used in the help dialogue that I found confusing. I mentioned it to the guys at Predictive Response and unbelievably enough – the dialogue was rewritten within days – amazing!!
Felicia Lothian

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