A/B testing is an essential component of email marketing. The best way to send effective emails and save resources is to test them out beforehand.

A recent Marketing Land article included interesting numbers concerning the success of email marketing internationally. According to the article, U.S. companies have the highest mean number of email subscribers:

  • US: 530,900
  • France: 491,800
  • Germany: 467,100

Now, there could be hundreds of reasons explaining this. American consumers may be more inclined to sign up to email newsletters or American companies may just prioritize email marketing more. But the Marketing Land article included another statistic that may provide further insight. According to the article, the overwhelming majority of American companies practice A/B testing before sending emails out:

  • 93% practice A/B testing
  • 36% practice A/B testing sometimes
  • 9% practice A/B testing almost every time

In comparison to businesses in other countries, American companies place more value on A/B testing. Just 79% of French businesses and 77% of German businesses practice A/B testing, respectively. You don’t have to be a Statistics major to know that it’s impossible to prove a correlation with just this bit of information. Moreover, even if there was a correlation, it would be difficult to prove any causation. But the numbers make you wonder at the very least. And if you’re the owner of an American business, then you know you face higher competition in terms of email marketing. You can bet that your competitors practice A/B testing, and not doing the same would put you at a disadvantage.  A/B testing doesn’t reinvent the marketing wheel. In fact, marketers typically use some sort of testing method before releasing any major campaign. Email marketing unfortunately isn’t a free practice, and the best way to protect your investment is to test your emails beforehand. To talk more about A/B testing, or anything else, please contact. Thanks.