Though it doesn’t receive a lot of the fan fare that other parts of the Internet do, e-mail is still a huge part of the marketing game. Your target audience all likely have an e-mail address even if they do not have social media profiles or other parts of the Internet that are important. With CampaignFlow, you can populate your targeted campaigns automatically.

E-Mail That Does Not Bore

One problem with a lot of e-mail sent out by businesses is the simple fact that it is boring to the audience. E-mail is not the exciting thing that it once was when it first came onto the scene. These days, we are all bombarded by e-mail, most of which is spam. As a result, to break through all of that noise, a business has to craft a seriously attractive e-mail.

Subject Line

The most important part of an e-mail is not in fact the content of the message. Rather, the subject line of the e-mail is the critical part. No one wants to open an e-mail that does not have a subject line that appeals to them. Therefore, the subject line needs to be eye catching and related to the information that is contained within the e-mail as well. Our Adaptive Mailer includes subject line A/B testing for this very reason — to increase your open rates.

Personalized E-Mail Adds The Final Touch

There is nothing worse than a mass e-mail that looks like a mass e-mail. Instead, a personalized e-mail is the route to go. All that this really requires is at least putting the name of the e-mail recipient on the message. If all of these steps are applied well, higher open rates and responses on e-mails can be expected. Contact us for more tips on how to develop e-mail campaigns for your target audience.