It’s easy to create a personal experience for your readers, in the midst of your bulk email campaign. However, to do this you must give them real value. Even if a reader understands that thousands of people are reading the same message, it really doesn’t matter to him; as long as he is able to learn something genuinely worthwhile reading your copy. Put Yourself in Your Readers’ Shoes If you know your product or service well, you know the questions that potential customers are going to ask. For example:

  • If it’s web design, “How’s my site going to look on a mobile device?”
  • If it’s software, “Is there a Mac version? Does it work just as well?”
  • If it’s consulting, “Do I really need this? Why?”
  • If it’s fashion or jewelry, “Is wearing this going to get me what I want, (attention, status, power, love)?”
  • The list goes on

Before you send out bulk email newsletters outlining all the features and benefits your design team is excited about, consider the customer first. Pretend you are someone in your target audience that has no emotional investment in your product or service whatsoever. Why would you choose your offering? Would you really choose it over your competitor’s? Be honest; and then address one of these realistic questions or objections within each email in a series. Relate Directly to One Customer Group Do the work for your customers. They are busy and many of them don’t have time or inclination enough to figure out whether your product is valuable to them personally. For example, if you are selling environmentally friendly cleaning products, take time in every email to speak to a different customer group. There are obvious niches like the environmentally conscious. However, you can also tell professional cleaners how effective your products are at disinfection; tell school teachers how gentle and effective your products are for cleaning toys in the classroom; tell people with allergies why your cleansers are hypoallergenic. Even if your readers don’t have these issues, if they know others that do, they will pass your email along or tell them via word of mouth. Focus on One Benefit or Feature Per Message Let’s say you’re selling a new flea collar that lasts for a year. Though a product like this is definitely impressive, too much information is overwhelming to a reader enjoying a morning cup of coffee or enjoying a few minutes snack break at her desk. Instead, try fully exposing one feature in a daily message. If your collar has seven awesome features, by the end of the week, anyone that read your quick little emails is an expert on your new, awesome product. By putting yourself in the reader’s shoes, relating specifically to one customer group and discussing only one product feature or benefit in each message; your emails will have personal meaning for many readers, (because the information you share is useful to them). Inevitably, many readers will begin to think of your company in a positive light, causing them to trust you more and likely buy from you at some point. Contact us to start your email campaign today!