As with any other investment, marketing campaigns must go through trial testing periods. In email marketing this is called A/B testing and it ensures that businesses send the most effective emails. At Predictive Response we offer subject line A/B testing to improve your open rates and engagement. Our Adaptive Mailer will conduct a random test on a small portion of your campaign list and then automatically send the highest performing subject line to the rest of your recipients. Here at Predictive we send a fair amount of email and always find that A/B testing improves open rates again and again. A recent Business 2 Community article explains why A/B testing is so important for email marketing. According to the article, it’s important to use an email client that supports this feature:

“With email marketing, trial and error is a necessary first step when fine-tuning your email campaigns. To streamline the email customization process, you’ll want to use an email client that makes it easy to test your email performance.”

That last bit is crucial and it determines how businesses should go about email marketing. Not every email client offers A/B testing and it’s imperative that serious marketers have this feature. The next step would be outsourcing email marketing to professional consultants. As part of our services, we are glad to work with any clients who need help launching their next campaign. For many businesses, this is the most efficient and effective option. Instead of going through A/B testing on their own, you would be guided by our professional staff who understand what makes marketing emails effective. A combination of a professional email client and consulting takes email marketing campaigns to the next level. In addition to A/B testing, businesses have access to many more features and benefits. If you would like more information about A/B testing or email marketing, contact us.