How to Drive More Attendees to Your Eventbrite Event

Hosting an event can be a scary venture. For one thing, there are a zillion things that need to be done – deciding on what the event will be about, where it will be hosted, a budget, sending out invites, deciding on a venue, advertising – the list is endless.

Then there is the final worry that takes over, one that fills your entire being with horror – what if nobody comes for the event, were the invitations appealing enough, is the theme of the event appealing enough, will the event need to be canceled because of a lack of enough attendees?

Luckily, there are ways you can get more attendees to your Eventbrite event – sure ways to drive people to your event. Here’s how you can attract more attendees to your Eventbrite event:

Make use of Eventbrite’s promotional tools

Eventbrite provides its users with free promotional tools that can help you sell out your event.

The promotional tools ensure you are seen on search engines and can be integrated with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to help you connect with those interested in your event.

Eventbrite also offers discount codes to incentivize people to register for your event. You can also track the performance of your promotional efforts through Eventbrite.

When you create an event on Eventbrite, you get an automatically generated, SEO-friendly URL that is easier to promote. Your event is publicly available by default (you can change this in your dashboard settings), which means:

  • Your event is indexed by major search engines.
  • Your event is made available to Eventbrite’s distribution partners.
  • Your event is listed in Eventbrite’s event-search directory, making it easier to find you.

1. Use the power of social media

Several potential attendees are lost when they have to move from your event advertisement to a different page to register for the event. The lesser the clicks and the easier it is to register for an event, the more the chances of attracting attendees.

Everbrite has introduced the ‘Add to Facebook’ tool that you can use to make your event’s tickets available directly on your Facebook event page.

So, people can register directly for the event without leaving Facebook.

You can do the same with Twitter to promote your event and get attendees to directly register from there.

2. Create an exciting event listing

An event listing can help you sell your event better, and the more exciting it is, the more chances of attracting attendees. Your event listing can be used to let those interested in your event know the information they need before they register:

  • Available parking
  • Directions to the event from major landmarks
  • Refund policy
  • ID requirements for entrance and/or participation

Make your event listing more attractive by adding short videos and images of the previous year’s event, sponsorship logos, or names of those supporting the event. You will need to obtain permission to use external images and videos.

3. Offer discounts

The discount code tool allows you to set up discount codes for those interested in attending the event but think your event might be a bit too expensive.

You can even create your own access codes to reveal hidden tickets that are created especially for sponsors, press members, or even your employees.

The Eventbrite Discount Codes tool can be found on your event’s ‘Manage Page’ under the Invite & Promotions section. You can create as many discount codes as you want and choose what types of tickets they would best be applied to.

Some discount coupons you can make are ‘early-bird’ discount coupons, ‘deal-of-the-day’ discount coupons, and ‘limited time offer’ discount coupons.

4. Send email invitations

There is nothing like getting a personal invitation for an event. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing methods today.

Plus, email marketing is relatively inexpensive. Eventbrite gives you the option of sending invitations directly from the Eventbrite platform. You can send up to 2,000 email invitations a day.

You can also integrate your emails with Predictive Response if you want to enjoy greater flexibility in sending out email invitations.

With the Predictive Marketing Platform + Eventbrite Fusion, you can:

  • Design and create exciting campaigns to send to invites and attendees.
  • Send out personalized thank you for registering emails.
  • Keep registrants informed about the event
  • Send out reminders about the event.
  • Track the sale of tickets in Salesforce
  • Track the revenue generated in Salesforce
  • Sync new attendees with the existing attendee list in real-time in Salesforce

5. Sell tickets on your company website

Get people to register for your event from your website. It’s people who are interested in your company and what your company has to offer who will make the most likely attendees.

When people visit your website and learn that you are hosting an event – they, in all probability – would be interested in attending the event. Make it easy for them to register by providing all the information on your website and giving them the option of registering for it directly from your website.

Eventbrite’s embedded checkout lets people register for your event directly from your website.

They do not need to visit the Eventbrite’s event listing. This also gives attendees a good opportunity to connect with your brand on your website.

6. Keep track of the effectiveness of your campaigns

Finally, you should be prepared that some avenues will generate more sales than others.

You won’t know where your attendees are registering if you don’t keep track of every campaign that you send out.

By understanding which avenues (email, social media, website, and so on) are generating more attendees, you can make a concerted effort to increase engagement and send out more campaigns through those avenues.

Those avenues that yield less profitable results can be given less attention.

Try out several methods – and see which works best for you. While some types of avenues are more popular for some industries, there are others that work for other industries.

At the end of the day, you know what will work for your target audience – but don’t give other methods of driving more attendees to your Eventbrite event a miss until you try them out.

Also, don’t forget to start sending out your invitations early so that you have time to use and experiment with all the above methods.