Take Creative Control with the New eMaker

Email Editor

A Hybrid Editor for Cutting-Edge Creativity

With an improved user interface and feature additions, the eMaker editor has all of the elements you need to design eye-catching emails. Start with a blank canvas or use a template as your springboard for creativity.

Gallery – Organized for Efficiency 

With eMaker all of your creative elements are easy to find. Your templates can now be organized within a customizable folder system, complete with thumbnail previews.

Manage Permissions and Content

eMaker’s Manager feature allows you to maintain creative control while you collaborate with your team. You can approve templates, set user permissions, establish user profiles, even control access to content.

Automatically Optimized

eMaker automatically optimizes your emails for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing. You can preview your email on 40+ desktops, devices, browsers, and email clients, and run a comprehensive SPAM analysis before pressing send.

Be Dynamic

Add your standard merge fields along with any dynamic content you’ve created, simply by selecting it from a drop-down menu. Add personalization to your emails in seconds.

Personalize Your Sender Addresses

Add a personal touch to your communications, have every email appear in your subscribers’ mailbox from the Salesforce lead or contact owner’s name and email address. Don’t send your subscribers a bulk email when you can send an email from a representative of your company they already know.

Design Your Delivery Times

Select the days of the week and the times of the day you’d like your emails to appear in inboxes. Amplify your engagement by delivering your emails at the optimal time.

A/B Testing

Continuously improve the performance of your campaigns. A/B test your open rates and click through rates. You’ll have the option to manually select the winner or let our technology determine the copy that maximizes your engagement.