The more you interact with your potential leads, especially without alienating them, the more your brand will resonate with them. Larger companies stay on the periphery of their market’s awareness through constant exposure, publicity, and universal brand awareness. But you can achieve the same effect through targeted email marketing.

How can email marketing help your brand without making sales?

Some email marketing campaigns should focus on generating sales and converting leads to customers. But making every email promotional or angling for a sale to be the end result of every interaction will make your subscribers leave quickly. Make sure you have a more lurker-friendly email campaign that:

Makes your brand a worthwhile topic of conversation.

People like to learn interesting information, and they also like to share it. If you have high-quality content about the newest trends in your niche, a list of the top five ways to X, or any other highly consumable writing, that’s perfect as it is. You can email that to wary subscribers, even if you email it to more likely buyers with a more blatant call to action. They’ll remember you as a good source of information and will share it with people they know (who might subscribe or buy in turn).

Build a community if your business is in a highly competitive industry.

Consumable products, online services, and not-quite necessities have to have personable brands. It’s difficult for new buyers to differentiate between different courses or managed services in a way that isn’t true for things like water heaters or car parts. The best way to earn trust isn’t through reviews or necessity, it’s by the engagement of your community and the tone of your services. The community itself can even be a selling point for people looking for advice or others in the same position as themselves.

Don’t use email marketing just to make direct sales. Use your tools to make different campaigns that inform, entertain, and increase your brand’s community appeal. Go to Predictive Response to find the most efficient tools and tips.