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Custom IP

Custom IP Setup

You may sometimes consider if a dedicated IP is better for you than a standard shared IP.

Some things to consider before making this decision are email deliverability depends largely on the reputation of the IP address that sends the email. If you are sending from an IP address with a stellar reputation, your emails are more likely to make it into the inbox.

Predictive uses a collection of shared IP addresses to send your emails. In shared IP environments, the sender reputation as a result of the actions of all senders on the same IP. We actively monitor our IP closely to ensure high deliverability rates. Our IPs maintain scores in the high 90s which makes our deliverability rate generally very high.

Dedicated IP

Some senders can benefit from having their own IP address.. For high volume senders with engaged subscribers, a dedicated IP offers more control over the deliverability of their emails. Instead of having the reputation of your IP determined by the actions of others, you become the sole influencer of whether or not your emails get delivered.

Bring Your Own Server (BYOS)

You can also use your own Server/ IP address to extend your sending control even further. We simply connect the Predictive Email Engine directly to your server/IP for maximum control.