Install from the Appexchange

Total Cost Optimization

It doesn't matter whether you need licensing for 5 users or 5,000 - Predictive has you covered. We do NOT charge any per user fee - effortlessly scale based on the amount of emails sent with the ability to scale up as those needs change.
Native Salesforce Integration
Advanced Email Automation
Subscription & Preference Management

You don't have to worry about getting everything properly set up and running, or about training your users to get the most out of your deployment. With our included installation and training services, Predictive will take care of everything. If you need any more support, we have a variety of packages to take care of that very thing.
Lead Scoring
Forms & Landing Pages
Anonymous Visitors
Engagement Analytics
Enterprise Integration
Salesforce Approval Process


Non Profit
Higher Ed
Partner Communities
Alternative Email Addresses
Donation Integrations
Single Comminication Opt-Out
NPSP Integration
HEDA Certified and Integrated


Install from the Appexchange
    Features Silver Gold Platinum
    Phone access and online screen sharing during business hours
    Priority phone queue and case routing
    On demand one-on-one training sessions
    Campaign and system setup "Health Check"
    Designated Customer Service Representative (CSR)
    Predictive performs necessary application administration services on your behalf. Services include creating reports, modifying user profiles and more. q