It doesn’t matter whether you need licensing for 5 users or 5,000 – Predictive has you covered. We do NOT charge any per user fee – effortlessly scale based on the amount of emails sent with the ability to scale up as those needs change.
Stretch the value of your marketing dollar even further with an incredible 5000 emails per month included from the start. We know that your return on investment is a primary concern for your business and rest assured, it’s a concern for us, too.
You don’t have to worry about getting everything properly set up and running, or about training your users to get the most out of your deployment. With our included installation and training services, Predictive will take care of everything. If you need any more support, we have a variety of packages to take care of that very thing.
In terms of email marketing, reaching the customer at just the right moment in their journey is always a number one priority. With our scheduled (also called newsletter or calendared campaigns), drip and adaptive campaigns, this process just got easier than ever in more ways than one. Never worry about sending too many or too few emails again.
Don’t worry about learning complicated programming languages or trying to figure out other advanced techniques for designing the perfect messages. With our intuitive drag and drop editor, you’re never more than a few quick mouse clicks (and drags) away from the results you need.
With so many different devices being used today by your customers, designing content that looks great on all of them at the same time can be a challenge to say the least. Now, thanks to responsive email templates, this concern is gone – you design once, the templates optimize everything whether your user is on a desktop computer or a smartphone or something in between. Create the perfect responsive email every time, all the time.
Are you worried about the effort it will take to get Predictive properly communicating with your Salesforce deployment? Don’t be – with native integration, you don’t have to do a thing. It’s already been taking care of – our solution appears right inside your Salesforce pages without any separate login required.
Find out exactly who your highest quality leads are so that you can see which efforts are paying off the most. Likewise, you can see who could use a little more tender love and care to get them to the point where you need them.
Ever wonder how your messages might fare with different content, or even a slightly adjusted subject line? With A/B testing, you don’t have to guess – you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt in as little as an hour.
Take collaboration within your organization to the next level with email template sharing and lock management. Instantly share email templates between users, all while being able to restrict that person’s ability to make any significant changes if you don’t want them to.
Ever wonder how your email messages might look in Mac OS X’s default “Mail” client? What about Microsoft Outlook? What about Thunderbird, for the Linux-savvy users out there? In a matter of seconds, you can see exactly how your users will experience your content in their own terms.
With powerful dynamic content tools, there is truly nothing stopping you from creating the perfect email that you’ve always seen in your head except the limits of your own imagination. Dynamic content helps you effortlessly customize your message to different audiences for the best results. You’d never send the same email to a cat lover versus a dog lover and now, thanks to Predictive, you don’t have to.
Do you have alternate email addresses (like home addresses versus office addresses) for leads that you want to include in your campaigns but still want to embrace the power of automation with open arms? Thanks to Predictive, now you can – send to alternate email addresses instantly.
Do you want to send not just emails, but automated SMS text messages, all from the same easy-to-use platform? Now you can thanks to Predictive and one of the most powerful cloud-based communications platforms on planet Earth – Twilio.
With advanced analytical email return on investment tools, you’ll know exactly how your campaigns are performing so that you can track your spend in a more efficient way than ever before. Predictive can summarize activity in an email based on your interaction with individual customers, allowing you to realize your ROI on your campaign level on down to the individual email sent – the choice is yours.
After the first few hundred users, manual subscription management can quickly become so time consuming that it feels like you don’t have time for anything else. Now, thanks to Predictive, this is one area you don’t have to worry about any longer – you can automate as much or as little as you’d like right from the platform.
One of the most important emails you will ever send is the one your subscription members receive moments after making their relationship official. Now, with campaign membership automation and email auto-responders, you can guarantee beyond the shadow of a doubt that the right message is getting in front of your most valued users at the right moment.
Many emails sent through other services all use shared IP addresses, which can make managing your overall reputation a challenge to say the least. Why get penalized for someone else’s mistakes or dirty deeds when Predictive includes the option for a dedicated IP address for all users? Now, you can maintain complete control over your reputation and maintain the permission-based, engaged list of contacts you’ve always wanted.
Many people don’t realize that their email reputation doesn’t just rely on their IP address – their domain plays an important role as well. Thanks to Predictive, you can now have multiple sending domains to further segregate your messages and keep your overall reputation as high as humanly possible. This can also be hugely helpful to segregate geographical divisions within an organization – like if you have an office in the United States and a second location in Canada, for example.
Help when you need it the most. You get both phone access and online screen sharing during all business hours, allowing us to get to the root of any issues you may be experiencing and to give you the support you need – no exceptions.
In addition to the support options from the Silver Support Package, you also get priority phone queue and case routing, as well as on demand, one-on-one training sessions to get the most from your deployment.
Platinum support for platinum customers. In addition to everything from the Silver and Gold packages, you also get access to campaign and system setup “health checks,” a designated customer service representative to act as a single point-of-contact, as well as all necessary application administration services performed automatically on your behalf. Are you worried about creating reports, modifying user profiles and other potential issues? Don’t be – let Predictive handle it all.