Anti Spam Policy

Predictive Response does not tolerate the sending of spam and unsolicited mail, and the use of third-party, purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists is not allowed. Any customer found using Predictive Response to knowingly send such mail will have their service terminated.

If you’ve received an unsolicited email from one of our customers, please notify us immediately at We investigate every complaint, and you will receive a response from our abuse team regarding the action we’re taking to deal with the abuse.

Predictive Response takes several steps to keep abuse to a minimum. Among other things, we:

  1. Interview new customers about both the origins of their mailing lists and their marketing practices. Customers who are not able to meet our requirements will not be allowed to use the Predictive Response service.
  2. Check campaign list for addresses that appear harvested (info@, sales@, etc.) or that otherwise indicate that the mailing list is potentially third party in nature. If we see anything suspicious, the campaign is disabled and the client is contacted.
  3. Immediately open an investigation if a client receives an abuse complaint to our abuse address or through one of the feedback loops we maintain with many Internet and Email Service Providers.

If you suspect a client of abusing our service (or have any questions regarding our policies), please do not hesitate to contact us at As noted above, all complaints are investigated, and you will receive a response detailing the action we’re taking to deal with the issue.