In modern marketing, you have to go where you think your target market is. This is more complicated than ever before. Unlike with previous generations, there aren’t a limited number of television channels, a reliance on high-circulation newspapers, and finite radio stations. But it’s also easier: consumers are separating themselves into more and more specific pockets of media lovers. 

Once you know what your audiences like to learn about or listen to, you can speak directly to them. Here’s how:

1. Advertise on podcasts.

Traditional radio isn’t dead yet, but it’s quickly being replaced by curated music channels, audiobooks, and podcasts. Search through Apple’s library of podcasts, or type in a search query online, to find the right podcast. You can either look for podcasts meant for your market’s age and general demographics, or look for a podcast that focuses on your specialty. 

2. Sponsor YouTube channels and videos.

Just like podcasters, creators on YouTube need revenue to fund their channels. All of the changes surrounding monetization are making independent channels secure more stable funding. Sometimes they can do it through Patreon, and sometimes they’ll add advertisements and reviews to their videos. Most channels need both, so figure out what your target market is watching.

3. Answer questions on a third-party platform.

Direct advertising through media like podcasts and videos is a great way to reach your market, but it’s no replacement for inbound marketing. Establish your expertise on sites like Quora to bring fresh audiences to your site when they’re looking for in-depth answers.

Also, your name becomes synonymous with authority. Just like any online growth, once you’re established as an expert it’s even easier to become the expert. Even if you don’t get leads directly through Quora, audiences will be more familiar with your brand.

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