What if someone were to tell you that they’re about to run an advertising campaign with no target audience. Anyone who’s sat through a beginning level college course knows that such a strategy is a recipe for failure. Good marketing campaigns break down markets into tiny segments. A marketing campaign for everyone is another way of saying a marketing campaign for no one. This rarely happens, of course, as marketing has become more of a science. Yet in terms of email marketing, many companies are making a similar mistake. They’re just sending one general email with the same content out to an unsegmented market.

We designed our new application, CampaignFlow, to help you segment your audience and use your free Salesforce Mass Email to instantly send a targeted message.

If you’re going to invest in email marketing, then you want it to have the biggest effect as possible. And the best way to do this is to find your target market and send appropriate emails to them. A recent Marketing Land article discusses the common flaw of email marketing campaigns. The article explains that in order for an email marketing campaign to be successful, they need to be less general and more specialized.

“Blanket strategies won’t be successful across a large number of customers – especially when dealing with global campaigns. Break down customers into segments and adjust communications to their location (time zone) and availability. Measure each customer’s limit with your brand by evaluating how responsive they are and pare down or increase communications accordingly.”

Sending effective marketing emails may mean sending more than one. You might want to consider sending a different email to each different age group within your target market. Similarly, you should segment your subscribers based on their location. This allows you to send emails at the best possible time. Simply analyze your marketing data, see what time subscribers open your emails the most, and send emails out during this time according to the subscriber’s time zone. Just sending emails out at the right time to the East or West coast can have a big impact on your success. If you would like more information about email marketing, contact us.