Terseness and conciseness are two qualities that have been praised and used by elite writers. This style of writing can be very effective for email marketing, as well. The idea is that if subscribers are limited on time, then the optimal marketing email would pack in the most amount of information in the fewest about of words possible. In terms of email marketing, however, this style has a limit. While many email marketing campaigns are focused on keeping emails short and sweet, some of them lose focus on the other important characteristic of successful marketing emails: diversity. A recent Business 2 Community article discusses this aspect of email marketing and explains why diversity is so important:

“Not all emails need to be constructed in the same cookie-cutter manner. While some should be short and sweet, it’s ok for some emails to be lengthier. If the product you are featuring in your email is complex, your subscribers may expect you to include a larger amount of content and will be perfectly happy to scroll to learn more or see additional content. Regardless of the length of your email marketing messages, there are common components that every email should contain.”

Successful email marketing campaigns don’t send the same information in the same styled emails at the same time every week. That’s uncreative and it will immediately lose your subscribers’ attention. What’s most important is that marketing emails change from time to time. Emails shouldn’t fall into a pattern, rather companies should make a conscious effort to keep their emails fresh and exciting. That may sometimes mean writing lengthier emails that are rich in content, rather than flashiness. It could also mean sending aesthetically pleasing emails if you usually send information-based ones. In addition, automation helps avoid sending emails at the same time. You’re company can set an automation schedule so that your emails are sent at different days and different times and catch subscribers by surprise. If you would like more information about email marketing and automation, contact us.