Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of reaching prospective customers or clients for any business type and industry. Using email marketing is not only a way to maintain a conversation with subscribers and prospective customers, but it is also useful for gaining trust and loyalty from those interested in your updates. Whether you have a small local brick and mortar shop or if you are launching an international eCommerce business, choosing the right email automation software is a must. Knowing what to look for when comparing email automation solutions is a way to make a decision you feel comfortable with and confident in moving forward.

Interface (Drag-and-Drop Builders)

Not all email automation solutions operate the same. Search for email automation software that includes a drag-and drop builder. Drag-and-drop email builders provide creative freedom and flexibility while designing new layouts, developing templates for various types of emails, and even sharing promotions for your business and brand. Witha drag-and-drop builder, it’s possible to create modern email designs even without prior coding or design experience.

Layout and Template Customization

Compare template libraries and design features offered from each email automation software solution you are interested in. If you want the ability to tweak and update your email’s designs, it is important to choose an automation software solution that delivers an entire template gallery in addition to customization options.

Integration Capabilities

Before you choose your email automation software, consider the type of platform you intend to send your emails using. Do you currently have WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or WooCommerce installed as a base for your website? If you intend to use a platform such as WordPress or an eCommerce solution such as WooCommerce, it is essential to seek out an email automation software service that includes integration capabilities. Integration capabilities with event management tools like Eventbrite help with seamless integration of your email automation software.

Segmented Email Lists

Creating segmented email lists is a highly effective method of honing in on your target audience and the demographics you intend to reach. Use email automation software solutions that provide the ability to implement segmented email lists. Segmenting your subscription list is a great way to keep track of subscribers while also providing emails and updates that are more relevant to users based on past transactions, visits to your website, or even the items currently in their online shopping cart.

Reports and Analytics

Choose email automation software that provides in-depth reports and analytics with each email campaign you launch. Use analytics to track popular CTAs (calls-to-action), subject lines, and article topics.


Compare pricing for email automation software based on the number of email subscribers you currently have along with how you plan to scale your base.

Selecting the right email automation software solution is not always a simple task, especially if you have specific plans for your email marketing strategy. Finding an email automation software that offers the features and capabilities you require is essential to maximize your online opportunity and your ability to achieve success.

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