Beyond the basics of creating mass marketing e-mails, a successful e-mail campaign will result in lead generation.  You want to create an e-mail piece that grabs your target audience’s attention from the subject line, offers new information, and encourages the customer to click through to your website. There are plenty of articles available that offer suggestions for e-mail content, but they often fall short in one area – showing you how to generate leads and reliable customers.  With exciting and informative content, your customer will consider your e-mail beneficial.  When consumers see a benefit in something, they are much more likely to purchase, click, or visit. One way to ensure that e-mail recipients will actually open your e-mail is to offer something up front that the reader will want.  You might mention a large discount in the subject line or first sentence, a hot topic article or keyword, or an invitation to try out your product. When you are actually offering your reader something, they are more likely to open the e-mail to learn how to redeem the offer.  Don’t be sales-driven and keyword focused in this offer.  Just mention what the reader can gain from the e-mail, and then move on.  You will continue the offer later in the e-mail. To keep your customers reading, include a tip or technique, or some sort of useful information next in your e-mail.  If you can provide professional tips for free, then consumers will feel that you are helpful and trustworthy.  You can include most of the tip or information in your e-mail, and then ask readers to click over to your website to finish reading. After you offer a useful tip, advice, or information, let your readers know that you will offer a similar tip every time you e-mail them.  Make every e-mail exciting and useful, and your recipients will look forward to reading your e-mails.  Leads will increase, and customers will be born. Finally, make sure your e-mails are personalized.  No one enjoys reading something that was written by a robot and sent out to everyone in the state.  Tailor your e-mails to individual interests, based on browsing history or other demographics.  Use the recipient’s first names occasionally throughout the e-mail, and thank them for reading.  Send the e-mail from an account with your personal name on it, and not just your company’s name. In short, consumers want to feel valued and appreciated by businesses.  If you repeatedly provide them with a feeling of respect and appreciation, they will want to read your e-mails, and they will want to become your customer.  Make sure you include a quick and easy way for the customer to contact you, and contact us to learn how to make e-mail marketing campaigns much easier and more effective.