A simple suite of apps for campaign managers.

“Another fantastic offering from Predictive Response is their CampaignFlow package.” –
Idealist Consulting

CampaignFlow does the following:

  • An automatic add/update filter becomes available on every Salesforce campaign.

  • The “Run Now” button replaces the need to generate reports to populate a campaign.

  • The “Schedule” button allows date fields (like birthdays or expiration dates) to trigger a flow.

  • Anytime a lead or contact meets the campaign’s filter criteria, the person is added to the campaign or updated to a new status.

  • Any Salesforce user with access to a lead or contact record will enjoy the benefits of CampaignFlow even if they do not have access to see flows, they’ll see the results.

  • A flow can activate an InstantSend email.

  • A flow can be activated when a contact is associated with an opportunity update.

  • CampaignFlow is enabled for Salesforce1 campaign management and is the only way a Salesforce1 user can add or update a campaign member.

How do you install CampaignFlow? How much does it cost?

  1. CampaignFlow is a managed app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  2. $150/site-wide/month
    50% discount for nonprofits

How do you activate the free InstantSend plugin?

  1. Install InstantSend, a managed app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  2. Add the “InstantSend for Salesforce” value to the CampaignFlow Trigger_Action field.

  3. Add the “Email Edit” button top the top of campaign layout(s) and the “Send Queue” as a related list.

  4. Set the InstantSend Scheduler to process email sends when standard Salesforce daily limits are exceeded (500 daily emails for Enterprise, 1000 for Unlimited and Performance).

  5. Create organization-wide email addresses to send from campaign owners.

How do you activate the free OpportunityFlow plugin?

  1. Install OpportunityFlow, a managed app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  2. CampaignFlow can now filter on “Current Opportunity” fields added to contact records:
    Product, Amount, Type, Stage, Contact Role, Close Date, Probability, Account Type

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