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At Predictive Response, we understand the challenges of email marketing in a “Multi Organizational” environment. So we built MultiOrg to extend our Version 9 Adaptive Mailer solution into the multi org enterprise environment — it’s such a simple and elegant solution on its own, we decided to make it free for all Salesforce users.

Many organizations using Salesforce have a presence in different territories, manage multiple web sites, and do business in various languages. However, Salesforce does not provide a simple and efficient way to stitch this information together into a SINGLE, EASY-to-USE communication and sales conversion process.  MultiOrg by Predictive Response is our solution to this challenge.

With MultiOrg for Adaptive Mailer, organizational information, previously used for compliance purposes, may also be used to manage marketing emails. In this way, Predictive Response solves the need to manage multiple versions of content like headers, footers, and subscription opt-out pages each time you execute a new email campaign.

How it Works

Salesforce experts agree that the best way for complex organizations to manage CRM data is to use Salesforce roles. Within Salesforce, role hierarchies determine which roles have access to the data owned by other roles. The person in the top role has full access (view and edit) to his or her own data, as well as the data of anyone lower in the hierarchy. Roles are typically set up by region or by product.

Simply enter the company information for each organizational unit into the org unit tab and you are set.

Benefits & Features

By ALIGNING your company’s MARKETING PROCESS with its UNIQUE STRUCTURE, you can save time, energy, and company resources. With  MultiOrg you get:

  • Salesforce field integration
  • Detailed campaign statistics
  • Tight Salesforce integration
  • Combine it with Version 9 (the V10 upgrade is coming in our Summer ’15 release) of the Adaptive Mailer (each additional email domain is $99/month) and you’ll have a marketing automation and mass email solution for a multi org enterprise company

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