Creating a seamless flow between your event management software and your CRM can bring your marketing game to the next level, helping you to grow your customer relationships and professionalize your operations. 

When event data lives in your CRM, your event management can:

  • Report on attendee trends
  • Measure event performance in real-time
  • Get a 360° view of an individual lead's journey
  • Track attendee engagement 

With all of this data  connected to each registrant's CRM record, you can get a more holistic view of your constituents and how they engage with your organization. 

Integrate Eventbrite and Zoom Webinar into Salesforce

Predictive Response offers two event management software integrations for Salesforce: Eventbrite and Zoom Webinars.

Eventbrite Fusion: Eventbrite and Salesforce 

Eventbrite Fusion automatically syncs your Eventbrite registrants’ data into Salesforce. Once the first Eventbrite registration comes in, the integration instantly creates a Salesforce campaign for you. 

Having all of your data in one place is vital. That's why we add all event-specific data under the same campaign. You will find all Eventbrite tickets, registrants, check-ins, refunds and cancellation data listed under your campaign’s Salesforce record. 

The integration also provides you with a dashboard and Salesforce reports so that you can effectively measure the success of your Eventbrite events. Because they live inside Salesforce, reports and dashes can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

ZFusion: Zoom Webinar and Salesforce 

Similar to Eventbrite Fusion, ZFusion automatically syncs your Zoom webinar registrants into Salesforce, creating records for all of your webinar registrants under a Salesforce campaign. 

You can see in Salesforce if a registrant joined your webinar, what time they joined and how long they stayed.. All of this information flows back into the registrant’s record within Salesforce. 

The integration also includes a dashboard and fully customizable Salesforce reports so that you can measure the success of your webinars. 

Track your Zoom Webinar in Salesforce:

  • Registrants and Attendees
  • Length of Webinar Stay 
  • Overall Webinar Success

+ use that information to email your attendees

Zoom and Salesforce

Eventbrite and Zoom 

With COVID-19 generating a boom for online events, Eventbrite has added many additional tools to set up an online event. It is now effortless to send your registrants’ information over to Zoom so that a participant doesn't have to register on both platforms.

How can I connect other event management software with my CRM? 

Most event management software companies understand the importance of integrating with CRMs. It should be easy for you to find and use an already built integration. 

If there isn't an existing integration, try using a third-party connector like Zapier or