David Rosenstock a Business Development Associate at Idealist Consulting (one of our partners) just wrote a great email in which Predictive was mentioned (a few times). If you didn’t have a chance to read it, take a look!

Just in case you missed Marc Benioff’s keynote speech on Tuesday, I’ll give you a quick synopsis.

“Artificial Intelligence is here, and you can use facial recognition technology to tell you how many Coke bottles are in your fridge.”

While this use case seems a little prosaic for world-altering technology, we know we’re all bearing witness to the next technological revolution with the pairing of IBM’s Watson and Salesforce’s Einstein.

This year we fully embraced that AI and predictive analytics are the cornerstones of the future for constituent-client relationships. We see an immense opportunity to transform our client’s outreach from a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey to a targeted approach.

This is why we love marketing automation solutions like Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Predictive Response. As a company that is using Salesforce for good, we love their commitment to supporting nonprofits and running a solution that helps marketers in all types of organizations create more receptive communication. We believe everyone would be better served by becoming early adopters, so we’ve begun to create more resources to help.

Check out some of our content and an upcoming webinar all about marketing automation and AI:

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