It’s been a while ago since Gmail’s tabbed inbox update, which really only meant that we were due for another update soon. Sure enough, Google recently just introduced its latest feature of email marketing: Gmail Grid View. This update, however, shouldn’t scare email marketers like the new Promotions tab did.

Gmail recently released an official blog showing how the new grid format will look like from the client’s perspective. You can check their blog here to see the differences between the old Promotions tab and the new Grid style. Now the first thing you’ll most likely notice from this new style is that the image is what really stands out. Think of this as a nice gift from Gmail; they’re giving you the opportunity to use a creative picture to grab your client’s attention. What’s more is that you can choose your image and format it accordingly. If you don’t do this, Google will automatically choose a picture for you. This opportunity, however, is simply too good to pass up on and businesses are strongly recommended to format their own picture. Other important aspects of this style are the Google+ logo and the subject line. Businesses are required to link their Google+ accounts in the grid style and have enough room to add a subject line that corresponds with their picture.recent Marketing Land article discusses Gmail’s new update and emphasizes what’s really important. The article also includes Gmail’s recommendations for each component of the new format:

  • Featured Image: must be at least 580px x 480px
  • Logo: Must have a verified Google+ page
  • Sender Name: 20 characters or less
  • Subject Line: 75 characters or less

So there you have it. Your email marketing campaign is now going to compete against several other campaigns optimized for this new style. While this doesn’t change the importance of sender reputation or a subject line, it introduces the influence of the image. If you would like more information about email marketing, contact us.