Marketing Automation
for Higher Education

Marketing for higher education institutions presents unique and complex challenges. The sheer diversity of prospective students means that marketing campaigns must be carefully tailored to the individual. An optimal higher- education marketing campaign may involve using a radically different approach from one student to the next. And this means that having the best-possible intelligence at your disposal when marketing to prospective students, alumni and institutional supporters often means the difference between success and failure. 

Predictive Higher Education Edition is a HEDA-certified, all-in-one campaign management tool that ensures those tasked with marketing within the higher-education field will achieve their goals through a platform that has been specifically built for the unique complexities and challenges of this competitive field.

Alumni Membership Management

Manage your Alumni Memberships and remind them when they lapse, everyone need a reminder once in a while.


You want to collect Contact information from your website. Typically first name, last name and email address as a minimum. You will need to have a way to create those forms the data easily flows into your Salesforce.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for hosting a form designed to capture interested visitors information. The landing page is typically based on an offer, such as an Event registration, eBook, Whitepaper download or Newsletter signup.

Website Visitor Tracking

Keep tab on who is visiting what pages on your website. Analyzing those key numbers will key you in on what communication are the most successful ones where you get your prospective students most engaged. LEARN MORE …

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring will let you assign a score to prospects students as they get more engaged so you can direct them to relevant campaigns or a personal follow-up.


Make sure your Marketing Automation tool integrates well with your preferred fund raising platform like Click & Pledge®, IATS® or Classy®.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is used to send information to potential students and donors repeatedly over long periods of time to nurture them and keep your institution on top of their minds. LEARN MORE …


Newsletter helps you connect with your prospective students, enrolled students, alumni’s, donors, faculty and sponsors and build stronger relationships by providing valuable content that keeps your readers anticipating it each month. It will become a very valuable tool to keep constituents engaged. LEARN MORE …


Blogging is an important strategy for driving traffic to your website and an easy and affordable way to get attention to your institution. LEARN MORE …

Call To Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a text link, a button or image that encourages your prospects to visit a landing page and become a Lead. You will ideally look for both Buttons in emails, Forms on websites and Fly-In conversion tools in order maximize the engagement level with your prospects. LEARN MORE …