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Predictive HEDA Engagement Package

The Predictive HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) Engagement package helps colleges and universities meet their core goals in Recruiting, Student Success and Advancement.


The conventional approaches of marketing, recruitment and admissions are constantly changing due to two driving factors—external influences and the changing needs of today’s students. It is essential that you quickly adapt to those changes in order to reach and connect with more students in your target audience.

The parents of today’s students are also incredibly busy with their own careers, families, elder care and other concerns.  You need to communicate with both parents and students on their own terms and timelines.

Small smartphone screens, Twitter and Facebook are integral parts of their daily lives. When it comes to education decisions, they’re conducting research and comparing prices online, and constantly being exposed to social media marketing.  To be successful in this venture,  you need to stay on top of their interactions and respond dynamically to their behaviors to ensure the content and suggestions provided meet their needs in a timely manner.

Build profiles of your prospects from the very first visit through the identification of prospects, nurturing of contacts and throughout the stages of admission application to ensure that you maximize the success rate of the Class of the Year.   

Predictive HEDA will bolster the Recruiting effort by successfully targeting, profiling, and nurturing the best prospects on the optimal timeline.

Student Success

You invest a lot of time and effort in building the right Class of the Year, and now it’s more critical than ever to take them from enrollment to graduation.

Your staff will gracefully nurture them along the way. Predictive Student Success gives you the right tools,  including the ability to identify at-risk students, create templates with content that makes it easy to communicate with them, and allows you to track their content interactions along the way.

Predictive HEDA encourage Student Success by helping faculty and staff successfully communicate one-on-one with students and in real time to qualify students that need assistance in critical subject areas.



Having a high performing advancement solution on campus is not an option – it’s a necessity. As more colleges and universities compete for their constituents’ attention and time, you need a solution that will help to engage donors and alumni more effectively, help raise more funds, and communicate to extension contacts in a highly efficient manner.

HEDA provides the baseline architecture with the ability to manage alumni, donors and extension contacts. Predictive Advancement helps take your Communication and Marketing effort into optimal efficiency with ease and simplicity. 

The Predictive HEDA will help Advancement in communicating, targeting and then re-targeting your audience in the most effective way possible using the HEDA platform. 


Watch a short tour of  how Predictive integrates naturally with  Salesforce HEDA and see how we can manage the communication lifecycle from prospective student to alumni.