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The Salesforce web-to-lead function is a great way to leverage form pages on your company’s website. It captures contact and profile information from users and automatically generates new leads, allowing you to respond to customer requests in real-time.

To maximize this Salesforce function, Predictive developed FormCheck+

FormCheck+ prevents spam, fake or duplicate web-to-lead entries by eliminating or isolating invalid names and e-mails and spam content into quarantine queues. It also enhances your web-security by hiding the OID and by ensuring the data is actually coming from your website. Best of all, implementation is as easy as changing two lines of form code in your existing web-to-lead forms.

How it Works

  • Validates the name and email data in your web-to-lead forms and sets an overall score.
  • Assigns duplicates to a separate queue.
  • Checks e-mail and name syntax, for a valid MX record, and verifies names against our database (which has more than a billion valid name combinations.)
  • Provides a pre-populated name, domain, and spam black list, which you may modify at any time.
  • Allows you to filter out or quarantine un-wanted domains, like Yahoo, Gmail or those of your competitors and either discard them immediately or assign them to a queue for further investigation.
  • Helps prevent spam entries through the pre-populated filter, where  you may add your own filter values via our Salesforce interface.

Data Scan

For the leads already in your system, we have a DataScan tool where any number of leads may be run against FormCheck+ criteria, scored and de-duplicated.  

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