These days it can be difficult to make your Non-Profit stand out in the sea of other organizations seeking money from a limited pool of donors. You are fighting to grab the attention of donors who are both interested in your cause and have the cash to donate in this still-struggling economy. When it comes to reaching out to your existing pool, as well as to potential new donors, it is critical to pay close attention to what your email subject lines are saying, both about your cause and about your organization. If your organization has a charismatic founder who is active or well-known, “A Message From Our Founder” can be a very powerful subject line for an email. Alternately you could replace “our founder” with your founder’s name. Generally, a straightforward, honest statement is a very good policy. Rather than entitling your email something generic, like “What’s going on in Our Organization Today,” consider a subject line that says “How You can Help Us Serve 500 Youth this Summer.” This subject line invites the reader into the mission of your Non-Profit and shares your objective, as well as the purpose of your email. It can also be important to be specific about the purpose and content of each email in your subject line. For example, don’t entitle your fundraising email “News from the Front Lines” when your real intention is to solicit funds. Your readers may be disappointed and frustrated to open the email and discover that they are reading a sales pitch when they expected an organizational update. Finally, make sure that every word in your subject line, as well as your entire email, is spelled correctly – so that it doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons! This seemingly minor issue can turn off donors who might feel that if a Non Profit can’t be bothered to spell check their emails, they probably aren’t being very careful with their donated funds either. If you’re the one writing emails, make sure to have someone else proofread it, because even the best of writers and editors may not see their own mistakes. At Predictive Response we offer discounts.

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